Technology Council

The CEDIA Technology Council is made up of visionary experts who watch for the trends that will impact the industry, enabling businesses to build stability by preparing for the future and grow prosperity by adopting emerging technologies.

Technology Council Volunteers

Chair: Peter Aylett, Archimedia

Christiaan Beukes, Sphere Custom Design

Michael Heiss, M Heiss Consulting

Rich Green, Rich Green Designs

Julie Jacobson, CE Pro

Gordon van Zuiden, CyberManor

Sam Woodward, Lutron

Technology Council Resources

The work of the CEDIA Technology Council has included a range of reference documents and white papers over the years, including:


ANSI/CEA/CEDIA-897 R-2010: F-Connector Color Coding for Home Television Systems

ANSI-J-STD-710: Audio, Video and Control Architectural Drawing Symbols Standard

CEA/CEDIA-2030-A: Multi-Room Audio Cabling Standard

CEA/CEDIA Bulletins

CEA/CEDIA-863-B: Connection Color Codes for Home Theater Systems

CEA/CEDIA-CEB22: Home Theater Recommended Practice: Audio Design

CEA/CEDIA-CEB23-A: Home Theater Recommended Practice: Video Design

CEA/CEDIA-CEB24: Home Theater HVAC

CEA/CEDIA-CEB29: Recommended Practice for the Installation of Smart Grid Devices

White Papers

Dimming LED Lamps

Dimming Screw-in Compact Flourescent Lamps - Residential Applications

ESC of 2016 

HDMI Design and Initialization Sequence White Paper

HDMI Fundamentals White Paper Compilation 

HDMI Installation Best Practices

HDMI Troubleshooting 

HDMI: Understanding EDID 

Introduction to HDMI

Mobile Devices Part 1: The Business Case

Mobile Devices Part 2: Ten Steps to Creating a Robust Wireless Environment

Mobile Devices Part 3: Using Mobile Devices as a Control Platform

Network Security Best Practices

Telepresence Opportunities for Home Technology Professionals 

Ultra HD Consumer White Paper

Understanding 4K Technology: What You Need to Know as an Industry Professional 

Wireless Audio Solutions: Technologies and Best Practices 


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