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The CEDIA Podcast is a 60-minute roundtable discussion on issues surrounding new and emerging tech, business practices, and other topics impacting the CEDIA channel (primarily residential applications of "smart home" devices and networks.

Walt ZerbeSr. Director of Technology and Standards, and Content Marketing Manager Ed Wenck are your CEDIA Podcast hosts. New episodes drop every Friday morning. 

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  • The CEDIA Podcast, Episode 110: A Pair of Project Profiles

    We had a chance to talk to several CEDIA award-winning firms and manufacturers on the Main Stage at ISE 2019, and here's a pair of deep dives into projects by SONA (with help from Artcoustic — and pictured here) and The Next Level (with an assist from Crestron).
    Mar 08, 2019

  • The CEDIA Podcast, Episode 109: Education and Legislation

    We've got a two-parter this episode: CEDIA's Darren Reaman tells us about the legislation that can impact member firms, and our Samantha Ventura and Derick Abshire fill us in on the new classes coming to CEDIA Expo 2019 in Denver.
    Mar 01, 2019

  • The CEDIA Podcast, Episode 108: The Web 3.0

    Call it the Spatial Web, Web 3.0, or Mirrorworld (as it was dubbed by Wired magazine) it will be "the single most important development in the history of technology, and will change human evolution" -- not to mention your CEDIA business.
    Feb 22, 2019


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