How They Did It: The Orthodox Calendar

Ed Wenck
Nov 21, 2018

All Digital, LLC, picked up the trophy for Best Innovative Solution at the 2018 CEDIA Awards for this home that features automated observations of Shabbat and Jewish holidays.
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India’s Boldest Step Since Independence

Aditya Gupta of CCIIPL
Nov 19, 2018

A CEDIA member from India has insights on how economic reforms in his country will impact his integration firm.
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CEDIA Tech Council Podcast, Episode 87: Becoming a Great Boss

Ed Wenck
Nov 16, 2018

CEDIA's Senior Director of Education, Samantha Ventura, joins us to talk about one of her areas of expertise: developing your leadership skills.
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How They Did It: The Addition

Ed Wenck
Nov 15, 2018

This high-end theater by One Touch Living picked up the 2018 CEDIA Award for Best Home Cinema, Level IV ($450,000).
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CEDIA Tech Council Podcast, Episode 86: Marketing for Integrators: Social Media (and More)

Ed Wenck
Nov 09, 2018

Tips on using social media effectively (and cheaply) to market your firm, along with other strategies for marketing.
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How They Did It: Safe and Sound

Ed Wenck
Nov 08, 2018

This project from Advanced Technologies won the 2018 CEDIA Award for Best Integrated Home, Level I ($150,000 and under).
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The Importance of Soft Skills

Samantha Ventura
Nov 07, 2018

Soft skills include talents like communicating well, having a positive attitude and a strong work ethic, exhibiting leadership qualities, and more.
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What Makes a Great Speaker? (We Asked Andrew Jones)

Ed Wenck
Nov 06, 2018

There's a singular quality that Andrew Jones looks for when he's designing speakers, whether he's working for Pioneer, KEF, TAD, ELAC, or anyone else.
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