The Last 5%: Wisdom from Our Members (And Some Others, Too)

May 10, 2018

“The toughest part of a job? Sometimes it’s the last 5%.” – Anon.
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Time is Money: Four Tools to Boost Your Profits

Leslie Shiner
May 09, 2018

Four ways you can save time — and turn those minutes into money.
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The Builder’s Perspective

Ed Wenck
May 08, 2018

A high-end remodeler and a kitchen and bath expert weigh in on working with clients and integrators.
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The IoT: The Internet of Things — and the Internet of Opportunity and Trouble, Too

Ed Wenck
May 07, 2018

A snapshot of a recent CEDIA Tech Council Podcast on the IoT.
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CEDIA Tech Council Podcast, Episode 57: The NAB Report

Ed Wenck
May 04, 2018

"The NAB Show” is an annual event that now showcases everything and everyone creating and distributing content.
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How They Did It: An Everlasting Impression

May 03, 2018

Synergy Technologies was rewarded for this outstanding work at the 2017 CEDIA Awards, where it took first place in the Best Media Room £80,000 and Over category, and was also named Best Media Room — Global.
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Industry Q & A: Energy Management

May 02, 2018

We pose questions to Hamish Douglas, Operations Director of Sagar Smart Homes, and Mauricio Mejía Lamprea, CEO of HomeTech.
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Virtual Reality — Revolutionizing Smart Home Design

Hamza Abbas
May 01, 2018

"By creating it first in virtual reality, an integrator can let a homeowner sit in their home cinema room and watch a film before the room is even built."
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