CEDIA Tech Council Podcast, Episode 80: Meet the Candidates

Ed Wenck
Sep 28, 2018

Meet the 11 candidates for the 2019-2020 Board of Directors

In this special episode, we give the candidates three minutes each to tell us why they should serve on the CEDIA Board of Directors. (Each individual can use the time in any way they like.)

Here’s the critical legalese:

For the 2019-2020 term, there are four (4) open elected positions — one (1) to be filled from the EMEA region, and the remaining positions to be filled from the entire global membership. To implement this regional representation, the candidate from the EMEA region receiving the most votes will fill the EMEA-designated position and the top three (3) candidates from the rest of the world will fill the remaining (3) three seats. 

Voting will remain accessible until October 19, 2018. Each member company may cast one ballot. As CEDIA has transitioned to a single board representing the global CEDIA membership, it is important to note that all member companies are eligible to vote, regardless of where they are located. Company administrators may cast their ballot here.

You can find more info on each candidate here.



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