Industry Q&A: Navigating Trade Shows — Tips and Tricks, Part 4

Aug 14, 2018

We asked the following folks how to maximize their time at Expo — or any other trade show, for that matter:

  • Hemant Daya, Dayatech (HD) Australia
  • Sherrie Edward, Archimedia (SE) Egypt
  • Ankur Bhatt, Sound Sense (AB) India
  • Mike Ranpura, Smart Life AV (MR) UK
  • Sandra Rogers, Smartcomm (SR) UK
  • Manuel Fernández, TrendHouse S.A. (MF) Argentina
  • Karen Chugg, Intelligent Abodes (KC) UK
  • Eric Crawford, The Loop (EC) Boise, ID USA

Are you carrying a backpack or bag? What’s in it?

MR: I tend to carry a messenger bag filled with a few business cards and a spare pen. As the day goes on, the bag fills up with brochures. By the end of the day, you’ve done a gym workout with the amount it weighs.

KC: I carry the minimal to avoid achy necks/shoulders — so usually just my phone and business cards.

EC: A backpack with my laptop, business cards, log book, a show floor map with desired businesses highlighted, presentation materials, snacks, and a water bottle. I try and keep my pack light to keep me strong for the day.

Any other tips or tricks you’d like to share?

SE: Enjoy and make use of the show in every shape and form. There is a lot to see and a lot of people to meet. Not to mention the courses to take advantage of. But definitely plan ahead and always leave room to enjoy the wonderful booths various companies have set up. Also, stop by the innovation area for new and developing companies and technologies.

AB: Try to get a floor plan and map of all participants and chart out the booths that you MUST go to, followed by those you WANT to go to.

MF: Speak with everyone. Shake a lot of hands and bring a LOT of business cards. Keep your mind, eyes, and ears open.

EC: There is way too much on the floor to stop and see every booth. Look through the vendor list before ever going to the floor (hopefully you’ve also been building that list throughout the year), and highlight the booths/companies you plan to see. Build out a walking plan so that you are not doubling over the same path. Allow one to two hours to investigate new products on the floor that could improve your business.



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