How They Did It: The Room Disappears

Apr 12, 2018

This client had been waiting for a home cinema for a long time, and was ready to talk about the best cinema he could afford. The goal was to create an accurate audio environment, along with the best possible 4K projected image for this “movie buff.” 

This project was about collaboration from the onset. The client and his wife (the architect for their new home) brought The Pyramid Group in before the start of the build to discuss how they could integrate a cinema into their home. This planning allowed for all the technical requirements to be met for the room without any issue.

The audio in the room is incredibly well balanced: Speakers blend into one cohesive sound field with no perceptible single source, the bass is very tight and accurate, and the system headroom creates the necessary dynamics that this environment needed. The end result is that the room disappears, leaving the AV to envelop the audience. All cinema speaker and audio designs align with the guidelines for Dolby Atmos configurations, as well as incorporating the CEDIA whitepaper guidelines for loudspeaker placement.

Viewing angles were designed to meet THX cinema standards, and provide a minimum viewing angle of 38 degrees from the rear seats. 

The Pyramid Group
22 Reynolds Park
Bell Close
Plymouth, PL7 4FE | United Kingdom



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