How They Did It: One Quiet Theater

Ed Wenck
Feb 22, 2018

The owner of this theater needs to review the commercials and films his media company produces, so he asked for a dedicated cinema near his office. Building a theater in a business center required careful sound isolation, as well as adapting the air conditioning that was pumped into the room.

The theater area had been previously serviced by one very loud unit, so Zene Private Theater opted for three smaller AC units that lowered the noise floor considerably. Other concerns: no listener’s ears could be closer than a full meter to any room boundary, and although three rows of seating would’ve been ideal for the space, the client insisted on four.

The cinema is calibrated to exacting standards, and to achieve the necessary isolation, Zene brought in an acoustical consultant. New walls, a floating floor, and a suspended ceiling all help keep the room from bothering any adjacent offices. As the Zene team put it: “We hired a professional acoustical consultant to build a new room inside the original room. The new walls were built above the floating floor without touching the original concrete walls and the ceiling is suspended. We also installed double doors to increase the sound isolation. We spent a lot time on the project management to check all the structure details and make sure there were no sound leakage.”

CEDIA’s judges really took note of the extensive and thorough documentation of the project, saying that it was, quote, “a really tough room.”

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