CEDIA’s New HQ, Update No. 1: Heavy Metal

Ed Wenck
Feb 16, 2018

It’s further along than it looks.

These two nondescript concrete boxes that have risen from the ground on the site of CEDIA’s new headquarters building will soon be surrounded by a foundation — followed by several hundred tons of steel, courtesy of Indy’s Geiger and Peters.

Those boxes in the picture above are what Geiger and Peters President Steven Knitter refers to as “shear towers,” and they’ll wrap around two of the new building’s stairwells. Geiger and Peters are handling the steel that will support everything else.

Those boxes do more than close off the stairs: “They absorb the forces of the wind load, of the side to side loads,” explains Knitter.

“When you build a concrete tower around your stair, then you don't have to have steel cross members sprinkled throughout your square footage. The idea is that if your stairs are going to be blocked off anyway, let's make that a solid wall.”

But the reduction in steel tonnage made possible by the shear towers will be fairly nominal.

The first shipment of welded, cut and fabricated steel — 186 tons worth — will be delivered to the jobsite in March on 10 semi-trucks.

“So far we’ve readied 256 tons of beams and columns — there’s more than that, of course. The steel joists clock in at 9.1 tons and 418 of what we call ‘squares’ of steel deck,” says Knitter.

Knitter employs a total of 73 people. “I have a little more than 50 guys in the shop and then 20 people in the office to then fabricate and coordinate the steel. A subcontractor of ours makes the steel joists and the steel deck and then another subcontractor of ours is the erector, the guy that's going to bring on the iron workers and the big cranes and put it up.”

Since Geiger and Peters are custom fabricators, every building is different — and CEDIA’s new training facilities stand out for Knitter: “Well, I guess what is unique about your building is you have these bunkers or these pods that I don't think I've ever seen in another building. I guess those are going to be the rooms on the first floor where you're going to build a pretend house so the students can then wire it up.”

We’ll keep you posted on the process as the building progresses. The target date for move-in: November of 2018.



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