Volunteering with CEDIA: Members Speak

Ed Wenck
Feb 12, 2018

Our members share with us the CEDIA benefits they value the most; those that help their businesses thrive year after year. In this post, we focus on CEDIA’s Volunteer Program.

Here’s a great benefit of CEDIA membership: Becoming a volunteer.

We hear you: “Wait, what? That sounds like work!”

You’ve likely benefited from interaction with a CEDIA volunteer (most likely when you signed up for a course). But you can benefit by becoming a volunteer, too.

Ask Sam Woodward of Lutron, who just offered a pair of CEDIA Talks at the last Expo in San Diego: “I've been volunteering with CEDIA for a number of years. On a personal level, I find it hugely gratifying. I get to work alongside the very best people in the industry. I learn an incredible amount. It's when you're giving out, it's when you're teaching, that you're learning most.”

"It feels so very, very rewarding.”

Ask Larry Heuvelman of The Owner Consultant, a regular CEDIA class instructor and 2017’s Training Volunteer of the Year: “I get to learn. And I get to share. And when I'm teaching other people, I'm learning. I'm the type of instructor that I ask questions. I like sharing the mistakes that I've made — ultimately, I can help other people not make those very same errors.”

Or ask Sherry Edward of Archimedia: “I volunteered by doing a recommended practice with some people. It's been awesome. It makes me feel great. To be able to help so many people in our industry do something that will give their customers a great experience — it just feels good. It feels so very, very rewarding.”

The work of our volunteers helps to support CEDIA’s mission. Without incredible volunteers, CEDIA’s innovative education opportunities for business growth and development would not be possible.

Interested? Find the deets here: cedia.net/volunteer.



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