CEDIA Groups: Members Speak

Ed Wenck
Jan 29, 2018

Our members share with us the CEDIA® benefits they value the most; those that help their businesses thrive year after year. In this post, we focus on CEDIA Groups.

One of the most unique benefits exclusive to CEDIA members is the chance to join a CEDIA Group. These small gatherings of like-minded folks meet regularly via phone or Skype or some similar platform to discuss a variety of issues facing their businesses. The Groups include a team leader to help guide discussions, and the members are based in different markets (but in the same time zones).

JJ Canon of Houston’s Digital Delight is a fan: “The support that we get through CEDIA is fantastic. The Groups have been so beneficial to me and the success of my business because it's an environment where we can share ideas, successes, and even failures — what has performed best or hasn't for us. Then we're able to extrapolate from that and improve our businesses accordingly.”

Having CEDIA volunteers who also participate in the Groups is a plus for Jeff Cooper of Simply Sight and Sound. “Some of the people in my CEDIA Groups are actually instructors,” he notes. “To be able to sit there and talk with them in a presentation at home — and not just a classroom setting — is incredibly beneficial.”

One of those instructors is Larry Heuvelman, who runs a business-advice firm called The Owner Consultant. Heuvelman sees a benefit in the small size of the average group: “Some of the things that you might be afraid to say in a group of 60 people because you might be embarrassed, what have you — the Group gives you the opportunity to get feedback on a more manageable scale.”

Some Groups are highly focused. There’s one, for example, that’s comprised completely of women who happen to be in business with their spouses. As a result of those commonalities, members really bond. LED Systems’ Lewis Franke even calls his group “a kind of family — I love the networking, I love the fellowship, the comradery and the business savvy from people who have been doing this longer than I have.

“It's just invaluable to have that kind of mentorship.”

For more info or to join a Group — check out cedia.net/groups.



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