CEDIA On the Road: A Day Two Preview

Ed Wenck
Jan 24, 2018

The CEDIA on the Road events are a renewal of the promise that CEDIA is committed to education — and to making that education more accessible, as you can discover at cedia.net/on-the-road.

The concept is pretty simple: For those pressed for time and/or budgets, CEDIA is coming to a variety of locations across North America, likely in a town near you.

Day One — the ESC-T review and exam (which, by the way, includes the opportunity to take the test for any certification offered by CEDIA) — is followed by a day of learning.

The Day Two topics will cover both technical know-how and business savvy with offerings such as “New Hire and Technician Training,” “Delivering the 10K Video Payload and Beyond,” “Project Management Skills for the Business Owner and Salesperson," and more.

Attendees aren’t required to lock down all sessions on both days for these events — a-la-carte options are available, and yes, lunch is provided to sweeten the deal. You can learn more about the Day One events here.

The instructors will include a roster of heavy-hitters drawn from CEDIA’s staff and volunteer pool.

The instructors will include a roster of heavy-hitters drawn from CEDIA’s staff and volunteer pool. VP of Emerging Technologies Dave Pedigo will do triple-duty on the first roadshow of the year, handling the exam review and both the sessions offered on Valentine’s Day.

The “New Hire and Technician Training” session is designed for those who’ve been with a firm for less than a year. The first portion of the class covers jobsite and electrical safety. The second half covers the industry terms and math skills an entry-level technician will need to prepare for their career in residential technology.

Pedigo notes that he’ll be teaching concepts such as “the Pythagorean Theorem, A-squared plus B-squared equals C-squared.” He’ll break down how the math can be used to ensure that every wall in a room is at a right angle to the one adjacent — pretty critical when one’s installing a projector and screen for a dedicated home theater. He’ll also cover the concept of speaker sensitivity — a dB rating in this instance equals a decibel level at one meter if the speaker’s being driven by one watt. That power consumption advances exponentially as volume is increased — and Pedigo will help newbies understand that it’s an under-powered system that’s often most likely to damage a speaker as it creates a square wave.

Day Two with Pedigo includes a course that was developed by CEDIA’s David Meyer: “Delivering the 10K Video Payload and Beyond.” It’s a jump from the morning session, says Pedigo: “We take the newbies in the morning. The afternoon session in this instance is more for your lead technicians, designers, engineers, and so on.”

“We’re talking how we're going to get the new, high-bandwidth signals from point A to point B. With the new HDMI 2.1 spec, 48 gigabytes per second, that's screaming fast.”

Day Two offerings will rotate throughout the year, so keep an eye on cedia.net/on-the-road for updates and registration info.



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