CEDIA Certification: Members Speak

Ed Wenck
Jan 23, 2018

Our members share with us the CEDIA benefits they value the most; those that help their businesses thrive year after year. In this post, we focus on CEDIA’s Certification Program.

An initiative that began in 2017 has expanded into 2018: CEDIA’s making every effort to expand the options available to members when it comes to certification exams, and updating some aspects of the program itself. CEDIA’s David Whitney provides us with a few bullet points on the work he’s been doing:

1. New Certification Structure — CEDIA’s four certifications (ESC, ESC-T, ESC-D, ESC-N) represent professionals through various stages in their career and are supported with extensive online training, books, and live certification review courses. For business owners, this new certification scheme provides clear pathways to evaluate, train, motivate, and reward employees.

2. New Logos, Digital Badges, and Marketing Tools — We’ve updated our branding and issued a digital badge to every certificate holder. This digital badge is a custom link you can embed in the logo so that clients can see with a single click what the certification represents and your current status and expiration date. They are easily added to email signatures as well as LinkedIn and other social media platforms. We have also added other materials to make it easy for you to show off your certifications and enhance your company’s professional brand. 

3. New Testing Locations — With Kryterion as our new test partner, we now have over 1,000 test centers globally so your staff can take exams locally and don’t need to wait until the CEDIA show. Kryterion’s test development platform is making it easier for us to make more frequent updates to the exams so that our certifications stay current.

Additionally, the CEDIA crew has begun a series of CEDIA On the Road events that include both testing and a review class right before the exam.

“Before I was exposed to CEDIA, there was really no knowledge of how we do things, or standards that we abide by, and no certifications."

So why get certified?

Thought you’d never ask.

Archimedia’s Sherry Edward appreciates the standardized bona fides CEDIA brings to the industry: “Before I was exposed to CEDIA, there was really no knowledge of how we do things, or standards that we abide by, and no certifications. It was just you and what you managed to learn off the internet if you had a passion for something. Now that we've become CEDIA members, most of our staff is CEDIA Certified. It's been great. We have new rules. We apply different standards across our projects. It's been a really big step up for us as a company, and we feel like we've become more professional.”

Livewire’s Henry Clifford: “It helps us retain good employees; we can promote those who gain new certifications. And it helps us find new ones, because we can look on a resume and say, ‘Oh, you have an ESC certification.’ It's a competitive differentiator.”

And Mitchell Klein from Z-Wave Alliance hints at the marketing potential inherent in CEDIA Certification: “It certainly is a credential that ensures that you have the right abilities, that you've learned the right technologies and skill sets to be able to deploy properly, and get the work done right. So as an employer, I would want to make sure that I've got certified people working for me. And as far as a homeowner? Yeah, that'd be really comforting to know.”

Learn more at cedia.net/certification.



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