CEDIA on the Road: A Day One Preview

Ed Wenck
Jan 22, 2018

CEDIA’s Dave Pedigo is a busy man — in addition to his ongoing duties as Veep of Emerging Tech at the association’s HQ in Indy, he’s going on the road along with a number of other staffers and volunteers. Their mission: Bring CEDIA Education and Certification to the association’s members, right where they live.

CEDIA has already scheduled a grand total of nine two-day sessions for 2018, each including an ESC-T (CEDIA Certified Technician) review and test (day one) and a pair of courses covering business and technical topics (day two).

To illustrate the concept, here’s the schedule for the first event of the year in Elk Grove Village, IL:

February 13, 2018

9 a.m. to 1 p.m.: CEDIA ESC-T Certification Review
1-2 p.m.: Lunch
2-4 p.m.: CEDIA ESC-T Certification Exam

February 14, 2018

9 a.m. to 1 p.m.: New Hire and Technician Training: EST109
1-2 p.m.: Lunch
2-5 p.m.: Delivering the 10K Video Payload and Beyond: ESB0094

Pedigo describes what he’ll be presenting during that four-hour Certification Review: “What we're going to do is we're just going to talk about what you should you know in general. I'm not teaching you things per se — I'm covering things that you should already know. It's a refresher. We're going to talk about everything from ladder safety to cable and infrastructure — so understanding the difference between a balanced and unbalanced cable.”

Beyond basic tech, there’s a recap of that ever-critical bugaboo, jobsite etiquette. Pedigo ticks off a few no-nos: “Don't talk politics. Don't talk religion. Don't talk about sexual orientation.” Showing up for work looking like a roadie after a rough night with Metallica is ill-advised, as is hurling F-bombs — even if you think you’re insulated because you’re three floors away from a homeowner, HVAC ducts can carry sound very, very well.

While Day One covers Certification, Day Two of the roadshow is all about straight-up education.

After all the domains are covered in the morning, there’s a lunch break followed by the proctored exam.

Pedigo’s quick to note that the exam time isn’t limited to those interested in the ESC-T test alone: “The review is for the ESC-T, but in the afternoon, if you want to take a different exam, you can take a different exam. We can have the Designer, the Technician, or even the ESC exam that we can proctor for you.

“Then, once you pass your exam, we have the digital badging now. You'll get a username and password, and then it'll automatically keep you up-to-date and show clients and co-workers that you're actually certified.”

Day Two of the roadshow is all about straight-up education, and we'll cover that soon. For more info and registration deets, check out cedia.net/on-the-road.

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  1. 1 Bill O'Connor 22 Jan
    I appreciate that CEDIA is doing this, but the regional spread is not great.  Mostly in the Northeast and Midwest, with two locations (IL and FL) repeating?  Are there not great opportunities to go to Texas, California, Arizona?  Or are there not enough CEDIA members in those places...



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