How They Did It: Bring the IMAX Home

Ed Wenck
Jan 18, 2018

This room is big: 60 square meters — and the client desired it literally packed to the rafters with a system designed to impress those familiar with an IMAX experience. The resulting project won the CEDIA Award for Best Home Cinema, Level IV (Asia/Pacific).

This room demanded extensive absorption and diffusion solutions — along with James Loudspeakers that boast a sensitivity of 103dB. The sound absorption is blended with transparent speaker coverings so that the speaker arrays are camouflaged. A custom 237” screen envelops the viewer in imagery as massive subwoofers round out the sonic experience. The crew from Shanghai Zhengyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd,
stated that the subwoofers “sound as powerful as any commercial cinema, with the highest sound pressure levels exceeding 105dB.” As the project progressed, the client opted for a somewhat less expensive projector than the integration firm had recommended.

Careful calibration was needed, as well as ensuring that the homeowner would be able to upgrade the projector in the future. The firm also anticipated an eventual upgrade in the audio system, so the room includes extra wiring for future additions that will make the room ready for a variety of immersive audio formats.The room is cooled via a dedicated air conditioning unit, and the integration firm tested no less than twenty AC devices before settling on the one that emitted the least amount of noise. Clean racks, good documentation, and future-ready cabling round out the features that impressed our panel of judges.

Shanghai Zhengyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Room 218, Building 8, No. 988
Zhen Bai Road
Shanghai, China 200333
86 10 61526859
CEDIA Member Since 2009


Benq Pro Cinema X1200 4K projector
Crestron controls
Golden Sound cables
Integra DHC-80.6 pre-amp
James Loudspeaker M152 speakers
James Loudspeaker MQS85 speakers
James Loudspeaker QX806BE speakers
James Loudspeaker M152 subwoofers
James Loudspeaker M213 subwoofers
James Loudspeaker M1000 subwoofer amplifier
Marantz AV8802A preamplifier
Oppo UDP-203 Blu-ray player
SensaSound cables
SensaSound TPO-7300 amplifier
Vutec screen
Xilica XP-4080 digital audio processor



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