How They Did It: Desert Sanctuary

Ed Wenck
Oct 19, 2017

What could have been a difficult situation turned out to be a blessing in this instance: The client wanted a home theater in his new vacation home that delivered the same results as his existing cinema – one that he had designed himself. The client understood he’d gotten lucky in the design of his first home theater, but this time wanted to ensure it wouldn’t be a hit-or-miss proposition and called in a CEDIA® pro. A pair, actually — this project was a collaboration between Paradise Theater and AudioVisions.

The client was also very concerned with the aesthetics of the room, and the builder had never faced the level of stringency required to provide a proper, CEDIA-worthy audio/visual experience. The size of the room, its location in the home, and many design considerations weren’t negotiable.

Another challenge was one many CEDIA pros are familiar with — new technologies became available as the project progressed. “Immersive audio formats came on the scene just as we were about to close up the room,” noted the integrators. Adjustments were made for an upgrade to 3D sound.

In the end, patient collaboration among designer, builder, and even HVAC techs, paid off brilliantly — the client loved the look of the theater, while CEDIA’s judges were knocked out by the system’s rack, which they described as “artful.”

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