How They Did It: The Jewel Box

Ed Wenck
Oct 06, 2017

The clients that commissioned this home theater from Audio Images are retired, and they wanted to ensure that their grandchildren enjoyed the space. To that end, a bright and beautiful screen was a must, along with immersive, 3D sound. A 4K projector provides the image on an acoustically transparent 2.37:1 screen, and the display was carefully calibrated to CEDIA standards. Acoustically, the room was carefully tuned by so that the 7.1.2 speaker array delivered optimum results.

The biggest challenge in this award-winning project was that the entire left side of the room was made of glass and the client insisted on a clean and uncluttered look along that wall. The solution? In-ceiling speakers with built-in angled front baffles, and a motorized shade that provides sound absorption when the theater is in use. None of the speakers or gear are visible – everything in the room is hidden behind stretched fabric.

Sound isolation was also something of a challenge, since a noisy equipment room sits adjacent to the room’s front wall and a motorized lift for a TV that rises into a great room on another floor sits next to a side wall.

Careful acoustic tuning was key to this cinema’s success, and the project also demanded a dedicated HVAC system that provides a perfect climate while operating below the room’s desired noise floor. CEDIA’s judges were impressed by the creative problem-solving that went into this room, and the excellent – and extensive – documentation.

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