Volunteer Appreciation Week: Valerie Johnson

Apr 28, 2017

Volunteer Appreciation Week continues at CEDIA®, and here's another profile of one of our terrific contributors to the association.

I AM CEDIA: Valerie Johnson
UltraMedia, Inc.
CEDIA Volunteer Team: 2017 CEDIA Groups Leads

What made you want to volunteer for CEDIA?

The awesome opportunity to develop relationships with others in the industry. In my case, I get to connect with other female business owners, and we definitely have a unique and meaningful bond.

What is your favorite CEDIA memory?

There’s not a single memory that stands out any greater than the friendships I’ve been blessed with, and the people I’ve gotten to know.

What would be your advice for new volunteers?

It’s a great opportunity to garner all kinds of fresh information, and contribute to the success of others. Don’t be afraid of working with competitors. Amazingly, those relationships can often be the most valuable. Don’t overdo. You’ve got to run your business first. Do whatever feels right and dovetails with your strengths.

What has been your favorite part about volunteering for CEDIA?

Again, the friendships and all the invaluable advice and support that has come from those friendships. And, the CEDIA staff is great —s o helpful, and a pleasure to know, and work with.

What is on your desk right now?

Too much. Way, way too much!

If you were not working in this industry this you would be…

. . . doing something photographically artsy.

What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

Let go and let God.  How well do I follow it?  I work on that every day!  :)



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