Volunteer Appreciation Week: Vanessa Zitzmann

Apr 25, 2017

It's Volunteer Appreciation Week here at CEDIA®, and we're sharing some profiles of the folks who donate their time, energy, and passion to help improve our industry.

I AM CEDIA: Vanessa Zitzmann
Marketing & Sales
21st Century Distributing
CEDIA Volunteer Team: 2017 Business Xchange Working Group

What made you want to volunteer for CEDIA?

When I first started volunteering it was to learn more about the business and to integrate myself into the fabric of the industry. I like to meet people and network!

After I met CEDIA CEO Vin Bruno, I wanted to continue to volunteer because I loved the vision he had for CEDIA and his passion for teaching and outreach to the younger generation. 

What is your favorite CEDIA memory?

The BBQ Cookoff at the Business Xchange this year was so much fun and something I won't ever forget! But my first CEDIA in 2013 was pretty awesome. It was what made me realize this industry was the place I wanted to be!

What would be your advice for new volunteers?

Don't be shy, jump in and have fun with it! The CEDIA team will take you through everything and be your biggest supporters.

What has been your favorite part about volunteering for CEDIA?

I enjoy learning, and every time I volunteer I end up getting way more from volunteering than I could have possible put into it.

What is on your desk right now?

I am gearing up for my company's annual roadshow -- which I organize. I am not sure which way is up right now!

Who are you following on social media?

I follow EVERYONE! Anything industry related I follow. I like to see what other integrators are doing all over the country. I also like to see what our manufacturers are putting out there to end users -- it helps me with marketing to my dealers. I think I follow something like 800 accounts on Instagram -- I love it!

If you were not working in this industry this you would be…

Trying to sneak my way onto SNL, I need to be the next Tina Fey.

What is the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

I took this job at 21st Century on the advice of a friend of mine and it changed everything. Best advice ever!  

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  1. 1 Amanda Wildman 04 May
    I LOVE Vanessa!  She is a GREAT volunteer and makes everything so much FUN!  She is a leader at events and always makes everyone feel welcome!  It was a pleasure meeting her at the Business Xchange and I look forward to many more interactions in the future!  Thanks for doing your part Vanessa to help make CEDIA the BEST!



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