Millennial Hiring: Twitter Speaks!

Ed Wenck
Apr 03, 2017

This past weekend, Your Humble Content Dude here at CEDIA saw this Tweet from our pal Julie Jacobson (CE Pro kahuna, techspert, industry wise person, Tech Council stalwart):

Yours Truly noted that I'd formerly been the person tasked with hiring and managing (and firing) folks at a weekly arts-heavy paper in Indy prior to the CEDIA HQ gig. Of all the millennials I'd hired, issues were few and far between — the vast majority were motivated folks who really cared about the job. (Mind you, this is likely an apples and oranges comparison to some extent: weekly local opinion-heavy freebie is vastly different than an integration firm.) Jacobson noted:

And Twitter was off to the races:

Finally winding up with this provocative nugget:

So what's your take? We'll readily grant there's a monstrous danger in taking any catch-all term like "millennials" and ascribing pros or cons to such a big group across the board — but what's your experience on this topic?

This discussion — we're guessing — could get pretty robust (if not spirited). We'd love to see your thoughts in the comments, the CEDIA Online Community if you have access, or via email to us at CEDIA: ewenck@cedia.org.




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