How They Did It: The Guest House

Ed Wenck
Mar 28, 2017

This client wanted a system designed for entertaining guests while providing security — and showing off his collection of high-end vehicles. Priority one: an all-in-one user interface that controlled everything from AV to security. Priority two: concert-hall-quality sound in the great room with chest-thumping bass. The solutions provided by Logic Integration, Inc., gave this project a finalist nod in the 2016 CEDIA® Awards, Special Project category.

The AV system was tough — stone and wood surfaces and 30-foot ceilings called for exacting calibration and speaker placement. The integrator and the customer worked on the various zones in the structure to determine which would focus on video presentations and which would primarily feature high-end audio. A critical component of the installation was the overall aesthetic, too — some speakers needed to be hidden, and the numerous displays needed to fit the look created by the interior designer, whether the screen was intended to function in a garage, party space, or gym.



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