How They Did It: Goodnight, Home

Ed Wenck
Feb 13, 2017

Clean lines, simple interfaces, and security were priorities for this integration. In addition to the surveillance provided by nine high-definition cameras, the Graytek team ensured that the home’s lighting was automated in such a manner that the residents would never come home to a dark dwelling. At dusk, lights begin to turn on in key areas of the home, providing the illusion that someone’s always in. At the end of the day, a single button shuts down all but the most essential lighting, quiets all the home’s media, and arms the alarm. The home’s gating systems are integrated as well, providing an extra layer of security.

There’s plenty of entertainment to be had here, though: a dedicated home theater has entertainment options that run from movies to karaoke. The client’s choice of content provided another challenge: The homeowner is fond of media from international sources, so Graytek had to look for solutions beyond the audio and video streams that were available on the Crestron sources they trusted. Creative use of Apple’s Airplay allows for delivery to the family’s mobile devices in a manner that’s not tied to the system. The project was a finalist in the Integrated Home, Level I Category at the 2016 CEDIA® Awards.



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