On Renewal: The Voices of Our Members

Ed Wenck
Jan 23, 2017

Since CEDIA is an association, we obviously need members in order to do the work we do. So we rely heavily on two things:

A robust and engaged army of volunteers, and,

Members who renew with CEDIA every year.

We could give you a sales pitch on the 30,000-foot-view of membership benefits. We could follow it with some specific goodies you get when you stay with us.

Or we could let our members speak for themselves.

On Membership in General

I consider renewing our membership with CEDIA to be a standard each year. Our long-term commitment further validates our status as a professional organization dedicated to the industry in which we work.
- Jeremy Beck, Futurian Systems

I’m proud to be part of a home technology community that brings together like-minded individuals. CEDIA encourages and provides education, and your membership gains you access to an extensive library of resources, arming you with knowledge and the tools to educate fellow design professionals, such as the RIBA- and BIID-accredited CPD course. There are also valuable marketing and PR opportunities such as the annual CEDIA Awards, where excellence is recognised and in which I am always amazed to see how many new members are doing amazing work, all over the globe.
- Chris Knight, Perfect Integration

I remember [my wife and partner] Caroline said one day, "Hey I just found this great organization called CEDIA, this looks right up our alley." I think that was actually the beginning of the decision to get into this industry.
- James Gray, Graytek

On the CEDIA Online Community, Free to Our Members

This is something that members have been asking for, so I think it’s great that CEDIA is stepping up and building this community for its members, and I like it because it involves a lot of new collaboration ideas. I really do believe it adds a lot of value to CEDIA members.
- Ryan Donaher, Meridian America

On CEDIA Groups, a Networking and Info-Sharing Initiative (And Also Free to Members)

The fact that we weren’t in overlapping markets allowed us to speak freely about problems, solutions, detailed processes, and numbers. In that setting, no one’s afraid to reveal proprietary information to a competitor as a result of anything that’s said during the course of a discussion. Also — and every bit as important — our personalities created a unique friendship.
- Lynda Polk, Audio Video Guys

On the CEDIA Outreach Instructor Program (Only Available to Members)

The marketing for this business is person-to-person referral … referrals from homeowners and trade partners, from architects, interior designers — that’s exactly the target of this program.
- George Ide, Digital Interiors

On CEDIA’s Education and Certification Programs

As an integrator we were constantly facing discussions with customers – are you knowledgable? Are you the right person for this? What’s the difference between you and my security guy who says he can do the same thing? It was really easy to be able to point to an organization like CEDIA and say that we’ve invested in the training and the time and here’s the proper certification that we have that that other person doesn’t have.
- Ben Larkin, ListenUp

I know for a fact that my company’s certification with CEDIA helped close specific deals. It’s worth the investment.
- Joseph Kolchinsky, OneVision Resources

On CEDIA as a Force in the Industry

CEDIA has helped La Scala by legitimizing our industry. We refer to CEDIA quite often as a governing body, taking an active role in ensuring that the caliber and quality of workmanship is top notch.

I refer to the racks that we install as the shiny black boxes. Just because you have a pantry full of ingredients doesn't make you a master chef. CEDIA is an organization that puts the art in moving all those boxes together.
- Mike Chorney, La Scala

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  1. 1 Alistair Bourne 20 Feb
    As the technology changes and even the methods of delivery begin to shift CEDIA has remained a constant over the years, giving consumers the confidence that the best companies invest in their people, engage with their clients and are infinitely adaptable.  CEDIA membership is an outward sign of a company´s inward stability. 



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