How They Did It: Step Down to Step Up

Ed Wenck
Jan 03, 2017

Combine a Sony projector with a 186” Stewart Filmscreen with masking to adjust aspect ratios; add three front-channel speakers behind the Microperf display, four subwoofers, and Atmos speakers to round out the immersive audio; then lower the floor by two feet. The bottom tier of this home theater that’s tucked under the garage gained a spare 24” of height with a little extra digging during the build — another benefit of designing a dedicated AV room during the planning stages of a new home.

The drama of the room’s look is matched by the audio and visual effects — the majority of which have zero effect on the room’s aesthetics. The system’s head-end components occupy a closet in the hallway outside the theater, and acoustic panels are camouflaged with stretched fabric.

This project by Admit One Home Systems was a finalist at the CEDIA Awards in 2016 (Home Theater, Level I).

1 Comment

  1. 1 Tommy 09 Jan
    That rack looks devoid of lacerbars. They spend all that money on a beautiful theatre, and the av company doesn't use lacerbars? At least throw them in for free if they refuse to pay. Make your work look nicer for a couple dollars....



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