How They Did It: All in the Family

Ed Wenck
Nov 28, 2016

This client’s home welcomes his whole family — wife, daughters, mother, nieces, nephews — so everyone needed access. That need came with security concerns, so biometric entry was key (pun intended). Look & Listen made that system a top priority.

The entire structure is under the watchful eyes of Canon PTZ cameras, and the entire system is monitored constantly. All 15 zones of security were integrated into a Savant system for live feedback anywhere on the globe.

Given the broad range of users, the home’s climate controls had to be intuitive, with 13 zones of HVAC integrated — again — into a Savant system. Ease of use was also important for the 139 channels of Dynalite lighting, which can quickly recall any scene.

The other timesavers in the home are the many features that make maintenance easier, including remote-controlled security cameras (no need for a ladder if an adjustment’s needed) and electronic shutters with rain sensors to keep the splatters and spots away.

The audio system encompasses 11 zones, fed by a Savant SSp1200 with one stream for each of the four immediate family members and a fifth for a visitor. The highlight of the seven video zones is the treatment in the master bedroom, where an automated TV lift drops down from the ceiling.

From the fingerprint scanners to the pool features, the integrators ensured that the home’s aesthetic was maintained. The power points were custom built in clear acrylic and white gloss for a seamless look.

This project impressed the judges so much that it was also named the Global Winner for Integrated Home in addition to taking top honors in the Asia Pacific Division in 2016.



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