How They Did It: Born in the '60s

Ed Wenck
Oct 31, 2016

This 50-year-old retrofit by Graytek makes itself known immediately: visitors, whether they arrive on foot or by car, are greeted by one of two Holovision gate stations. The homeowner is immediately notified as an image of their guest pops up on every touch panel. After being granted access, a user can see who’s where in the home by using a floorplan-based interface — and shut down rooms or even entire floors if need be.

Ten Lutron motorized shades provide privacy for the family room, and the 121 lighting loads, climate controls, and integrated hot tub, pool, and sauna allow the family to control lighting scenes and air and water temps from anywhere in the world. Want a heated soak after work? Alert the appropriate system, and everything will be in order upon arrival.

Despite a vast array of integrated technologies, the client wanted the guts of the operation very well hidden. The presence of small children in the home demanded uncluttered spaces, so all cabling and components had to be concealed from view. This was especially challenging given space considerations and the age of the house — the integrator had to install a single 42U rack in part of a linen closet.

Another key to this project — and one the judges noted in their remarks for the project's win as Best Integrated Home, Level II (CEDIA 2016) — was the meticulous planning that went into this remodeling job to allow for future tech advancements. This winning entry was lauded for its “dark fiber solution to allow for [an] upgrade path.”



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