How They Did It: Hooray for Hollywood

Ed Wenck
Oct 24, 2016

This high-end home theater was built for a true cinephile: a Hollywood screenwriter/producer/director. The room — a former gym in a separate building from the homeowner’s residence — is completely decoupled, features its own HVAC system, lounge, and powder room.

DSI was tasked to adhere to Digital Cinema Standards so that the client could view any work — including his own — exactly as the creator intended. The DCI-compliant projector — housed in its own enclosure — drives a large perforated screen using Xenon lamps specified at 5000 lumens. The display’s advanced optics, motorized zoom and masking functions allow for viewing a complete range of aspect ratios with zero distortion. While the room’s built for consumption of cinema-quality film, it’s flexible enough to run consumer-quality content, too — there’s a second projection system just for this purpose.

The Dolby ATMOS sound system is truly immersive: including the subwoofers, 27 speakers comprise the audio array in this room. The Harman JBL M2 Master Reference Monitors (which can be found in a great many post-production film and music recording studios) work in conjunction with Revel’s W990 in-wall speakers and four JBL S2S-EX subwoofers.

The aesthetic here — “chic but not cold,” as desired by the homeowner — are warmed by a Lutron lighting system, a star-field ceiling and a digital print of the Los Angeles skyline on backlit, acoustically transparent fabric.

Decoupling the building’s original floor made for one of many design challenges: an awkward entry-level change was solved by a level-transitioning alcove. A number of seating configurations were considered until the integrator found the perfect setup for the narrow space, and while the structure’s interior was completely overhauled, the exterior remained untouched as per the client’s wishes.



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