Call for Presentations: Can You Help an Integrator Out?

Ed Wenck
Oct 24, 2016

CEDIA Classroom

As we begin planning CEDIA 2017 in San Diego (yep, already), the Call for Presentations is open.

CEDIA is looking for presentations focusing on current and/or emerging technologies or business practices relevant to the residential systems industry.

By presenting, you will gain access to thousands of dedicated industry professionals and be recognized as an expert in the field. 

If you’re already planning on pitching an idea, thanks! If you’re on the fence and/or need some motivation, here are a few thoughts that came out of a recent internal discussion here at CEDIA HQ:

VR, AR, 3D Sound and VUI

There was a big buzz at the last CEDIA show when the topic of using virtual and augmented reality products as sales tools came up. Perhaps you caught a demo on how to use VR goggles to help a client visualize a home theater — handy, huh? Is this an area of expertise for you, perhaps?

While we’re on that subject, the “media” in a “media room” can certainly include gaming devices. Cleverly integrating VR and/or AR devices will be terrific skills to share.

If you’re abreast of all the immersive audio technology that’s out there, how are you arranging your speaker arrays to handle Dolby Atmos, DTS, AND Auro3D? Can it be done effectively? Do tell.

CEDIA 2016 also heralded the true arrival of the voice user interface — more and more manufacturers are embracing that technology as the speech recognition software surpasses accuracy levels in the mid-90-percentile.

Charisma + expertise is a winning equation.

Racks, Shades, and Network Security

Our rack-building courses were popular — so popular, 75 folks were waitlisted. Help in that area is clearly needed.

Lighting and shading solutions have something of an opposite problem — they’re market segments that may well be undersold. An expert on those topics could easily see a fairly full classroom with the right curriculum.

As for network security, perhaps you heard about the massive DDoS attack that struck everything from Twitter to Netflix (especially on the East Coast) on the morning of Oct. 21? Teaching your fellow CEDIA pals how to begin thinking about out-hacking the hackers could lead to some pretty profound educational opportunities.

The Business of Business

Yep, seeing the client’s “Oh, wow!” reaction when they first use the tech you’ve lovingly installed is a uniquely satisfying moment — which was preceded by getting the lead, closing the deal — you know the drill. Best businesses practices and tips on running a successful firm are always welcome. How effective are you at selling to millennial customers? The “one percent?” Folks who might not be the same gender as you? If you’ve got techniques, we’d love to hear them.

Project management, training your crew to be customer-service-oriented at all times, running a winning  service team — all of these training sessions were heavy hitters at CEDIA 2016. Standardizing your operations and your quoting process were also incredibly popular topics at the Dallas show. And referral generation? Home run.

How to Build a Hit

So what makes a course special? Personality in the presenter, obviously — charisma + expertise is a winning equation. Beyond that, attendees are attracted to classes that offer hands-on experiences — after all, this is a hands-on industry. Backing up a lecture with something physical is usually a win, and if your pupils have takeaways that they can implement immediately, you’ve won big.

If you’ve got an idea, we’d love to hear from you. The nuts and bolts (including how to cross the Ts properly and so on) can be found here. The deadline is approaching pretty rapidly — November 18, to be precise — so now’s the time to give us your pitch.

Thanks — and we’ll see you in San Diego. Maybe at a podium.



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