How They Did It: On the Job

Ed Wenck
Oct 17, 2016

This home theater is responsible for both work and play. The client is an entertainment executive who screens films for both pleasure and critical evaluation — especially with regards to film soundtracks. The room, part of a whole-house renovation, was made to both completely contain sound and prevent external noise. DSI worked with the owner’s architect to allocate an independent HVAC system, modify the room’s framing, and locate the equipment rack outside the cinema.

The sound system, designed for the most accurate reproduction possible, relies on a 7.1.4 Atmos array. The screen wall speakers, nestled behind a microperforated screen, are Synthesis SAM 1 and 2 Arrays that deliver “crystal clear dialog and near three-dimensional imaging of two-channel audio.” The surround speakers are Revel’s W990 in-wall units in back boxes for sound containment and volume optimization, ceiling effects are provided by Revel C763Ls and the subwoofer setup includes two S2S-EX speakers in the screen wall with two S4S subwoofers aft. Processing and amplification from Marantz and Harman offer quality audio without breaking the client’s budget.

The projection enclosure was constructed to accommodate an eventual upgrade to 4K projection — the display currently uses as DPI Highlite 330 HB (1080P) and an OEM variable masking screen. The masking ranges from the broad Cinemascope aspect ratio down to 1.33:1 for viewing the black and white classics of a bygone Hollywood era.

Most importantly, the room’s adaptable: the client’s comfortable whether he’s critiquing a film for work or enjoying movie night with the family. After a discussion with DSI, the client determined that the room’s front row seating would feature the couch — the perfect place for the homeowner to stretch out and relax with his wife and children.



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