How They Did It: The Listening Room

Ed Wenck
Oct 10, 2016

The client for this media room is a dedicated audiophile who’d spent years looking for just the right combination of components for his extensive collection of jazz, classical, and rock recordings. Ultimately this music (and film) fan abandoned his DIY approach and called in Audio Images to retrofit a room in the home with a beautiful ocean view into the perfect listening chamber.

The client was pre-disposed toward some gear and wanted an installation that wouldn’t interfere with the ocean view. Audio Images concealed all the speakers, including the Wisdom Audio LS4s that provide the two-channel reference experience. Careful baffling and tuning of the L/R channels — in a tricky location to boot — eliminated the need for a center-channel speaker in the system, although the infrastructure exists should one be added. For home theater applications, Wisdom Audio P20s handle the side, back and top channels for a Dolby Atmos experience. Complete sound isolation make the room a true retreat in the renovated wing of this Tuscan-style home.

One of the truly creative solutions for a challenging room was display placement: You’ll note that the patio ocean view is replaced when the 1.78:1 motorized screen is deployed, helping create a blackout effect when the 4K projector is rolling. CEDIA’s judges noted the excellent solutions to the acoustic challenges this room presented.

In addition to a CEDIA Award for Best Media Room (Level II), this project also won top honors as a “Global Award” honoree.

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  1. 1 Tom Curnin 18 Oct
    Fantastic job!
    Where did you hide the speakers



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