CEDIA Talks: The IoT and Smart Devices, Bio-Adaptive-Lighting, and Millenials

Ed Wenck
Oct 10, 2016

As we posted when Dave Evans gave his CEDIA Talk on "The Internet of Intelligent Things" in Dallas:

Evans – former Cisco Seer of Things and present CTO and Co-Founder of Stringify – goes by the Twitter handle @DaveTheFuturist.

Given the speed of technological growth, he’s about to become Dave the Presentist.

While Evans stressed that focusing on the raw numbers of the exploding IoT wasn’t really the point of his CEDIA Talk, “The Internet of Intelligent Things,” the illustrations he gave were nothing short of mind-blowing – and a review of our immediate technological past helps inform our predictions of what’s next.

Next up: what do you know about bio-adaptive lighting? Perhaps not as much as Archimedia's Peter Aylett (who's also a member of the CEDIA Tech Council.

Of course, the entire industry isn't just going through a shift in technology -- it's going through a massive sea change in the customers who'll be using this stuff. Here's Kermit Baker (a PhD and Senior Research Fellow at Harvard, no less) on how millenials will reshape the market we've come to call the CEDIA channel.



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