How They Did It: The Lodge

Ed Wenck
Sep 22, 2016

This New Zealand project — a job that spanned six years — morphed considerably over time. The vision for the build was a private residence that was as luxuriously-appointed as one of the world’s “super-yachts,” but later it became a commercial lodge catering to guests with high-end tastes.

The integrators, ABL Group and Liquid Automation, were literally involved at the ground floor — under it, in fact. Working with the electrical contractors, the team designed an underground network of ducts and pulling pits with extra cabling to accommodate future growth.

Because the build was slated to take more than half a decade (partially due to the remote location of the property), care was taken to create a flexible system that could adapt to emerging technologies. A fiber IP network and a wireless Ruckus network helped in that regard.

User interfaces also had to be profoundly intuitive — after all, they’d be handled by an ever-changing number of guests and not a single homeowner. The controls for the staff also had to be user-friendly (cutting training time for newbies) while powerful enough to control any part of the system.

A Lutron Homework QS system controls 360 lighting circuits and a TriplePlay IPTV system was installed — although the extra cabling will easily allow the video system to upgrade to 4K in the future. The network’s monitored by Ihiji and the integration includes an on-site generator — yes, this lodge is so far off the beaten path that power outages are a regular occurrence. This project won for "Best Special Project" and “Best Documentation,” in the CEDIA 2016 Awards.

Jason Bridger of ABL and Sam Ashton of Liquid Automation shared the CEDIA Awards, which they received at CEDIA 2016 in Dallas. One of the biggest challenges? “The change in technology over those six years was daunting,” said Ashton.



Allied Telesis network gear

Aminet A140 Amino A140 IP STB

APC racks

Apple Airport Express


Apple iPads

Atlona Transmitter and receivers

Atlona AT-HDRX HDMI Receiver

B&W speakers

Bose DS100SEW FreeSpace® surface mount speakers

Crestron touch screens and control systems

Crown DCI-8/300N Drivercore Install Series Blu-link amplifiers

Crown DCI-8/300W/CH DCI Drive Core Network 8CH

Dell TZ400 Sonicwalls

Gefen digital to analog audio converters

HP ML350 HP Server

Ihiji IHIJI SP Ihiji 50+ Device Monitoring System

Ikusi IFRD-400 Optical Receivers

Ikusi IFTD-420 Optical Transmitters

Lutron interfaces, processors, and dimmers

Marantz SR7008 AV receivers

Marantz SR7007 AV receiver

Netgear GS724TPS edge switches

2 Oppo BDP-103AU Blu Ray Players

Panasonic smart TVs

Panasonic IP phones

2 Qnap NASQNP4514 NAS Server

Ruckus controllers and access points

Sonance speakers

Sonos SON-CONNECT media players

Sound web processors

Terra speakers

Terra amps



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