The Benefits of Volunteering: 3 CEDIA Members Give the Program Raves

Aug 05, 2016

CEDIA is looking for volunteers.

Here’s the elevator pitch:

“CEDIA’s volunteer force keeps the association active and relevant and ensures that the future of the organization remains stable. … Volunteers learn from each other, share best practices, develop critical business relationships, but most importantly they build lifelong friendships.”

At this point, we could continue with the hard-sell — or let a few volunteers chime in. Let’s try the latter:

I have gotten just as much out of this as I give. I learn so that I can teach; in short, it motivates me. CEDIA is a large global family that is unique in its approach to sharing knowledge. As a volunteer you cross-pollinate ideas and skills with the finest minds in the industry, and that has to be a good thing.

CEDIA as a global trade organization relies heavily on the skills and generosity of its volunteers. 
A CEDIA colleague of mine described it as a gym membership. If you don’t go, you won’t get any of the benefits. Why sit on the sideline and comment on the direction, when you could jump right in and influence from the very heart of it?

It is the best thing I have done, for my personal development and that of my own business.

- Guy Singleton, Imagine This

"Volunteering at CEDIA has been one of the most satisfying ventures in my career thus far."

By volunteering, one quickly grows their professional contacts and network with the most influential people in our industry. These influencers, once they know you, will return your phone calls, share intelligent perspectives and offer sage advice.

It is almost shocking how fast your star will rise.

- Frank White, Weld2 and StayTuned

Volunteering at CEDIA has been one of the most satisfying ventures in my career thus far.  Working with the Membership Committee has helped me gain deeper insight on, and impact positive change in our industry; all while building new relationships and gaining a deeper knowledge of the CEDIA Community.

For anyone thinking about becoming a volunteer, do it. You will be glad you did.

- Ryan Donaher, Meridian America

Find out more here or drop a line to Laura Hockstra, Sr. Director of Membership, at lhockstra@cedia.org.

And thanks in advance.

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    Interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities 



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