How They Did It: Casa Angeles

Ed Wenck
Aug 05, 2016

This Latin American integration project — a finalist in CEDIA’s 2015 Awards — needed to be mindful of the client’s incredible collection of art. The home, a rustic older building in an urban area, is owned by a couple with an eye for aesthetics (the wife’s a designer). To that end, AV Prestige spent a good portion of the four months it took to complete the project specifically focused on lighting design.

Note that the 56 circuits of lighting control complement the customer’s collection of sculptural wall hangings, paintings and photographs while adding drama to the old stone walls and loft-like spaces above. AV Prestige tells us, “We took care with the dimming levels in order not to [diminish] the views of the paintings.”

Check the left side of the project photo below: The rectangular lines in the floor mark the top of the hidden TV screen that lowers when not in use so as not to interfere with the artwork in the living room.

Video in the home is distributed to six rooms while audio solutions occupy four, and AV Prestige determined that a SONOS audio system worked best here — the speakers are easily concealed and a wireless solution made sense in a home with centuries-old stone walls.

After carefully calibrating the home theater’s audio and video and installing a CCTV system, AV Prestige reports that the client was thrilled with the finished project, “a satisfying mix of art and technology.”

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