From Homecare to Hospice: Success in the Aging and Disability Market

Jul 18, 2016

CEDIA® and GrandCare are offering three-day training covering all aspects of technology and successful implementation into the growing aging and disability market. We spoke with Ed Kmetz, president of Pure Sight & Sound in Pennsylvania (one of GrandCare’s early implementation and integration experts) about his success in the aging and disability market.

Can you start by telling us a little about your background? How did you become involved in technology for seniors?

My background is all in technology. After graduating with a materials engineering degree from Drexel in Philadelphia, I immediately went into international sales and engineering, studying in Japan and working globally in Asia, Canada, and Mexico for 15 years.
About 13 years ago, I started my own company doing audio/video and automation in homes and businesses. I hadn't thought of technology for the aging/disabled market specifically until I learned about GrandCare. I thought it was such a great idea and it fit right in with an initiative I started years ago called "The Grandma Guarantee”. This means Grandma will be able to operate everything Pure Sight & Sound provides, and with little to no training.

When I started working with GrandCare, they were the only company that combined the various protocol-driven home and activity sensors, telehealth devices and touch-based socialization platform into one complete package.

I have a wonderful international business network that I’ve built through the years in this industry. So of course, I leverage that. But it was also important to make closer, personal relationships with local homecare agencies and hospices.

What's one misconception about aging that you'd like to change?

That aging folks are intimidated by technology. Some are, of course, but for the most part, if we can get them touching the interface, we can get them comfortable in a very short time. We bought my mom a computer for her 75th birthday, and had to upgrade her hardware for her 80th!

The training will be held at CEDIA headquarters Oct. 18 - 20. Find more info and register here.



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