How They Did It: Modern Fusion

Ed Wenck
Jul 15, 2016

The clients that hired Symbiotic Integrations, Inc., for this project have three big passions: music (classic blues, to be precise), sports, and movies. The clean lines and hard surfaces of this contemporary home weren’t friendly to much audio, though, and the owners also wanted a dedicated home theater complete with a bar for entertaining.

As the clients began researching solutions for their audio/visual dreams, they decided it only made sense to expand their original vision to a home that was completely integrated.

This project was a Finalist in the CEDIA 2015 Awards.

The final design encompassed 31 rooms and four outdoor areas, replete with “wireless panelized lighting control climate control, environmental control, security integration, remote access, an intercom system, and a business class network.” The audio system alone covers 27 individually controllable zones fed by 18 different audio sources — and Symbiotic ripped the family’s CD collection into a high-quality audio format that can be easily delivered anywhere with the push of a button.

No Less Than Four Theater Zones

The centerpiece of the home’s four theater zones is the main theater, boasting a 10,000-watt 7.2 surround-sound system and a 144-inch-wide screen. The home theater presented spatial challenges: With a storage room serving as the best location for the needed equipment, speaker wires ran to 120 feet each. High-quality, low-gauge wire coupled with high-power individual amps maintained audio quality.

The home’s modern architecture created challenges for delivering quality audio in zones outside the theater. Right angles, hardwood floors, and the like made for very “live” spaces, so the integrator installed eight 8-inch ceiling speakers throughout the kitchen and living and dining rooms, plus a 1250-watt in-wall subwoofer. Each ceiling speaker was driven by its own 100-watt amplifier channel, and carpeting, furniture, and wall treatments provided an assist in dampening reflective surfaces.

Lights, Camera, Security

Thirty-seven keypads coupled with 18 motion sensors help control the home’s lighting, which includes 290 LED pot lights that have a broad dimming range coupled with motorized shades. A single touch on the keypad can call up programmed lighting, audio, video, and climate control settings, available from seven wall-mounted and two portable touch screens, 16 TV wand remotes, and all of the family’s phones and tablets.

Temperature sensing discs — painted to match the walls — are part of the home’s climate network, which includes 31 thermostats tucked away in closets and a utility room. The system controls four furnace/AC fan coil units and 27 in-floor hydronic heating zones. An intercom system, cameras covering 45 zones inside and outside the house, and the ability to video conference with any visitor at the front door give the clients exceptional peace of mind in addition to the comforts provided by this smart home integration. And the biggest win for the client? The entire system’s incredibly easy to use.

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