How They Did It: Complementary Integration

Apr 25, 2016

This homeowner required a system that included streaming audio, HD video distribution, lighting control, security, and a robust wireless network while maintaining a high level of functionality and flexibility.

The home's construction out of precast concrete panels presented unique challenges, which CEDIA member Liquid Automation met with this discreet yet highly functional system. The finished project was named a Finalist in the Integrated Home category in the 2015 CEDIA Asia Pacific Awards. 

Overall Scope

The scope of this project included various systems that needed to complement each other and provide seamless integration for the homeowner. The audio visual consisted of seven audio video zones, including a 6.1 zone in the children’s lounge and two audio-only zones.

The main living room featured Sonance invisible speakers with a sub-woofer placed discreetly out of view. The cabana AV zone features a SunBrite outdoor television that can be viewed in the open cabana and pool areas. All sources can be accessed in each zone, with the children’s 6.1 zone having shared and dedicated sources. The audio/visual platform used was a Savant system, which integrated all the various systems with ease.

This home has a full security system including access control on the main front door and garage side door. This is complemented with a four-camera CCTV system and gate intercom, all integrated with Savant. The main living areas and outdoor areas are controlled with Lutron lighting control. This is also integrated into Savant and other systems, providing the client with minimal interfaces around the home.

A full-data network was also installed, including Ruckus wireless access points. As all the above systems rely on network connectivity, robust wired and wireless networks were essential.


Due to the complexity of the build, decisions had to be made very early in order to get cables from the main switch room to the outside rear of the property. All services had to run through a services trench through the main lower floor slab, so there were many allowances that had to be made prior to actual design being completed. These included the audio and video zone to the cabana, the audio zones to the west courtyard and pool area, the pool and pool cover control, and lighting control throughout the rear of the property.

This home was constructed from many precast concrete panels, so provisions had to be made early in the project to ensure the correct placement of services including locations of user interfaces.

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