How They Did It: Boulevard Vue Cinema

Apr 08, 2016

Performance Media Industries' client had some high demands to match his new high-rise condo. As an avid movie and music aficionado, the space needed to be decked out in top-quality equipment, as well as comfortable, fresh, and stylish.

PMI’s finished project was named a Finalist in the Home Theater category in the 2015 CEDIA Awards.


The most important feature of the entire home cinema was incorporating the client’s Meridian 25th Anniversary Edition DSP8000SE speakers with the sleek, artistic interiors of the space. The room also needed to be a completely soundproof escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Singapore, and had to have the highest-quality audio and video components.

Overall Scope

To ensure the home theater felt like the real thing, the team installed a 2.37:1 anamorphic projector and spent over a year engineering how all the elements would work agreeably in the space.

The Meridian speakers were mounted on the walls, as well as strategically placed in the back of the room for optimal sound quality, and a custom acoustical diffusion drape was used to control the main speaker back waves, while also keeping the room dark for viewing. To make control of each feature easy and accessible, a Savant automation system was installed.  


The ventilation design and construction posed some difficulty, as the system needed to be packed into a limited space and be cleanly installed around the audio and video equipment. The team worked to discreetly balance installation with design, ultimately creating a space that was tailored to the client.


The audio/video standards were SMPTE 202M, THX, and Dolby Digital, and the projector was carefully tuned to Rec709 standards, with grayscale set at exactly 0.313./0.329 (D65), providing incredible sound and picture quality, perfect for an entertainment lover.

The 2016 CEDIA Awards competition is now accepting entries! Learn more at cedia.net/awards.



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