How They Did It: Shades of Grey

Mar 28, 2016

Cantara became involved in a full-scale remodel. The client demoed everything down to the studs, and rebuilt the home from the ground up. His vision for the remodel was sleek and masculine with a fully-functional automated system that would allow him to have full control of his home with little effort.

The team’s work earned them Finalist honors in the Best Integrated Home category in the 2015 CEDIA Awards.


The client — a successful businessman — wanted ultimate simplicity and a reliable, robust Wi-Fi network for when he worked from home. The house needed to be streamlined and fluid with both design and technology working together to create a modern, stylish flow.

The client was also an avid movie and music lover and needed an audio/video system that was user-friendly as well as dynamic. To achieve this balance, the team installed six total televisions, AppleTV, and house-wide Blu-ray, and they integrated it all into the Savant app, allowing for simple control. The system allowed music and movies to be played with one touch, and the design of the system followed the home's sleek aesthetics.

Overall Scope

The system includes 16 high-end distributed audio zones, in-ceiling speakers and in-wall subwoofers, Class-D amplifiers, and a Savant audio matrix switch. The downstairs media room was equipped with a massive 4K Ultra HD 75” TV with a 5.1 Wisdom audio system that blew the client away.

To provide a strong network, the team installed multiple Ruckus access points and a Cisco switch to ensure the wireless network was dependable, especially when it came to business.


It was important the ocean views of the home remained intact, so the team preserved the natural beauty by concealing the 55” TV with surround sound in an under-bed lift, allowing the installation to be completely hidden with an ideal bedside aesthetic.

The home’s music system was strategically set up, working with the design to ensure as little visibility of speakers and subwoofers as possible.


To make the audio smooth, the team calibrated each zone individually, level-matched each area, and customized the “turn-on” volumes with the client in the space to adjust to the volume to his specifications.



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