How They Did It: Rockin’ Theater

Mar 21, 2016

Electronics Design Group, Inc., had a client with an existing theater arrangement in their basement. However, they finally wanted to create an authentic cinema, with the look and feel of the movies and the performance capability to match.

The team's work earned Finalist honors in the Best Home Theater category in the 2015 CEDIA Awards.


The team needed to incorporate all the amenities of a world class home theater into a small space. Each part of the room was taken into consideration, including the five large seats, which were customized with their own focus position, offering perfect sound delivery with pinpointed accuracy. 

Overall Scope

The client wanted a soundproof, fully functional home theater, so the team altered the room, creating a highly technical space, complete with a 4K projector of the highest video caliber, pre-hung, soundproof doors, which were engineered and installed by Kinetics Noise, and calibrations were set using a Steinway Lyngdorf software system.


The room was originally designed to be four feet wider and a support beam was to be removed, however after analyzing the space further, the team decided to leave the beam and bring the side wall in closer. Additionally, considerable time was spent pre-planning before the execution stage to ensure all equipment could be effectively hidden behind the fabric acoustic panels, leaving no room for surprises.


After the space was calibrated with the Steinway system, RoomPerfect, a software system measuring an environment’s dynamics, which then customizes the sound to fit, was used to overcome any negative effects caused by the room’s size, shape, and contents. The system also allows users to pinpoint a specific location within the space and calibrates sound directly to that area.



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