It Takes a Village: How Listening to Your Peers Can Help Your Business

Madie Szrom
Mar 18, 2016

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As a business owner, it’s your job to sustain a successful enterprise. From finding and keeping strong talent to delivering projects that delight your clients—not to mention all the thousands of things in between.

Sometimes, it may seem impossible to balance it all, while keeping up with trends and new technologies. Luckily, there are many people in the exact same position, and having a community of peers to connect with is a great way to gain extra encouragement and sound advice.

Community Learning

Finding the right people to discuss your specific issues with can be difficult. That’s one reason why CEDIA created Business Xchange, a conference where leaders in the home technology industry can come together to brainstorm, learn, and grow from one another.

“We don’t have a lot of people that understand our industry very well,” said Jamie Briesemeister, owner of Integration Controls, St. Louis, Missouri, when asked about the conference last year. “It’s nice to meet up with collective minds, because we’re in this together.”

The Xchange not only lends a unique setting for attendees to network, but also provides the opportunity to speak with a range of industry professionals. Owner-to-owner conversations offer incredible insights, but it’s also important to gain understanding of other positions in the industry, according to Roberto Espana, owner of Aktiva, Guatemala City, Guatemala.

“You get the chance to talk to all sorts of folks,” Espana said of last year’s conference. “From owners to managers, operational employees to representatives, manufacturers to distributors—the whole package is here.”

Valuable Knowledge

The home technology industry is made up of talented, intelligent professionals—like you—who have often worked their way up from hobbyists to technologists to owners and managers. Hands-on learning is a great tool to pick up tricks of the trade, but when it comes to business strategy, setting aside time to develop specific plans is always a good idea.  

Business Xchange is centered around expert speakers who share their best advice with conference goers, ultimately providing information that can be integral to business development, turning good ideas into effective strategies.

“Most of us don’t have MBA degrees,” said Heather Sidorowicz, owner of Southtown Audio Video, Hamburg, New York, when she was asked about the importance of the Xchange last year. “For most of us, this started out as a hobby and then grew our business from there, so if we want to sustain that, this is imperative.”

Madie Szrom is CEDIA's Content Marketing Manager. She can be reached at mszrom@cedia.org.



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