How They Did It: Kadenwood Home Integration

Feb 19, 2016

La Scala’s vision for this vacation home was simplicity. The homeowner and his family intended to visit the home only a few times each year, and it was essential that the control system enhance their experience and not create frustration.

La Scala's work on this project earned them the Best Integrated Home Over $500,000 award in the 2015 CEDIA Awards.


The homeowner wanted the control system to be discreet but intuitive and still easily accessible for daily control. Crestron lighting keypads that control lights, shades, and music were installed to meet this need. Two Crestron touch panels were installed in the kitchen and master bedroom, along with several iPads with LaunchPort charging stations for more control throughout the home. The touch panels share a common custom GUI that displays the home's floor plan and allows quick and easy access to all systems.

In addition, La Scala’s 24/7/365 service was a significant consideration for the homeowner as he needed the peace of mind that he or his staff could reach a knowledgeable technician at any time.

Overall Scope

The system scope is very comprehensive. La Scala gave the homeowner the ability to easily access the home and make adjustments from inside the house, the house manager’s house, or by remote control via smartphone when away from the home. Through this remote access, both the homeowner and the house manager can check the status of every system and easily make adjustments or view the site through the various surveillance cameras installed.

This home was the first implementation of La Scala’s new GUI that includes smart graphics for a better user experience. The improvements include the addition of scrolling lists for the Autonomic music server, Crestron iPod server, and source selection.

Overall, the homeowner quickly become very comfortable operating all aspects of this system.


The greatest challenge and opportunity with this project was to integrate the technology (controls, audio, and video) with the very high level of interior and architectural design. The architect and interior design was handled by one firm and every detail was planned in advance. A lot of time was invested during the early stages with drawings passed back and forth to ensure the speakers would fit into joist spaces and still align with the lights and ventilation.


After installation and before handover, all music zones had their turn-on volumes matched using pink noise and an SPL meter.

The theater has its audio calibrated using Audio Control’s iAudioInterface2 and calibrated mic with Studio Six Digital’s suite of audio tools on an iPad.

Video calibration was completed using Sencore OTC1000 Optical Tristimulus Colorimeter. The DPI projector responded well to the ISF calibration with a near-perfect grayscale post-calibration.

The two other 5.1 systems in the den and master bedroom were calibrated using the Marantz calibration microphones and built-in Audyssey software.

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