How They Did It: New Jersey 4K Home Theater

Feb 01, 2016

Electronics Design Group aimed to present and achieve the best possible sound and video performance for this home theater. The project had been put on hold for a few years, and numerous compensations had to be made to ensure new accommodations could be made to the original design.

This home theater won Electronics Design Group the Best Home Theater award in the 2015 CEDIA Awards.


This client came to Electronics Design Group a few years ago when they decided to build a new home. They already had a theater in their existing home and wanted to replicate it with a new one.

Technical Features

This theater is controlled by a Creston system, with soundproof wall construction, including a full tuck fabric wall system by Acoustic Finishes to keep the sound from the Totem speakers contained. A Sony 4K projector rounds out this simply dark theater room.


During the original construction phase, the homeowners decided to stop this room at sheetrock, where it sat for a few years. When Electronics Design Group revisited the project, the original products that the room was built for no longer existed.

Because of the soundproof wall, construction cavities were built into the walls to hold speakers of a specific size, and new ones had to be found that could fit into the existing cavities. The projector location and wiring had to work with the new projector as well.


An SPL meter was used for audio and a Digital Video Essentials Blu-ray for video calibration to THX and ISF standards.



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