We Want YOU for the Grassroots Legislative Network

Nick McLain
Jan 27, 2016

State legislatures are beginning their work around the country, and as always, the CEDIA Government Affairs staff (Darren Reaman and Nick McLain), are there to uncover troublesome legislation that could harm your business.

While we lend our voice through in-person testimony and letters opposing harmful legislation, the most effective voice is yours.

CEDIA’s objectives are heard and respected by legislators, but it means so much more coming from a constituent who lives in their state. You are a business owner, a taxpayer, and a voter — and that makes your voice an especially important one. Politicians do not want to be perceived as unfriendly to businesses or constituents.

And we get it — you’re busy. You’ve got a business to run. You might think that you don’t have time for a big commitment. But it doesn’t have to be a huge obligation. If a bill of concern isn’t introduced in your state in a session, you might not hear from us at all this year.

Even if a troublesome bill is introduced in your state, your involvement could be as easy as a quick email to your legislators letting them know you oppose the bill. If you have time to lend, we’d love to have you with us to testify at committee hearings or meet with legislators. Even a little bit from you makes a big difference.

The organizations and companies that put forward bills threatening our industry can rely on a large network of volunteers to help them, and we see the difference it makes. All too often, CEDIA is considerably outnumbered.

Contrary to popular belief, David often loses to Goliath. Though we have successfully fought off bad bills thus far, we want to develop the grassroots network into a Goliath — an army of volunteers in every state that we can call upon, ready to serve and protect your industry.

Instead of reacting to harmful bills, a robust volunteer network could allow us to be proactive in supporting bills friendly to our industry.

Let’s make it happen. Join the CEDIA Government Affairs Grassroots Legislative Network today! We look forward to working with you.

Nick McLain is CEDIA’s Government Affairs Manager. Contact him at 317.328.4336 ext. 124 or by email at nmclain@cedia.org.



CEDIA blog posts are intended to provide general information and should not be regarded as legal opinions or advice.

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