How They Did It: Discover Your Senses

Jan 25, 2016

De Opera Domotica’s objective was to design a premium showroom that represented a mixture of interior design, custom installation, and high-end products. By working closely with a local designer, they ensured the design and technology installed all worked cohesively to provide the homeowner with a unique experience.

This project won De Opera Domotica the Best Showroom award in the 2015 CEDIA EMEA Awards.


The showroom consists of a two-level room. The showroom workplace includes a custom installation company, interior designer, and high-end builder.

The showroom facility:

The ground floor was fitted with a kitchen, several settings, and three audio rooms controlled by Control4. The floor was dedicated to mid-level furniture, home automation, and audio.

The entrance to the second level is monitored by a person following an integrated system in the security camera. With this feature, visitors are welcomed (if by appointment) with an appropriate message on the 20” Crestron touchscreen.

The second floor includes high-end furniture, home automation, and audio/video. For this purpose, a central meeting room was designed with a cooling system in the ceiling and a dedicated fresh air circulating system with a sophisticated fragrance machine with four different fragrances.

When selecting coffee on the touchscreen, the panel in front of the coffee machine moves up and a fragrance of apple pie is injected in the ventilation system.

Presentation movie:

The presentation movie presents the possible solutions in a living environment. It starts with a movie fragment on the 55” display, then pauses and continues on the big 134” projection screen. After the movie fragment, a design of a villa is presented from the entrance/gate to the inside. Timed in the presentation the fragrance is first "fresh grass/lavender" (outdoor), perfume when pictures of the living room are presented, and "cedar wood" when the library is presented. When a picture of the kitchen is presented, the smell of fresh bread/café latte is injected.

This presentation gives a potential customer an insight in what’s possible when combining various senses: crystal-clear 4K pictures and different light scenes, good music, the sensation of the sub-woofer fitted to the wooden floor, and smell.

Demonstration features:
  • Three different levels of sound quality are available: hidden speakers with or without sub-woofer, mid-range Morel in-ceiling speakers, and truly high-end Morel in-ceiling speakers.
  • A 50” touchscreen on the glass surface of the meeting room offers a clear presentation of the functionality of the system.
  • Two lines of RGBW, DALI-controlled LED lighting changes the room's lighting scene to colors that correspond to the presentation.
  • An 11.2 Dolby Atmos cinema features full preparation for the DTS:X standard and is equipped with 4K sources like Netflix and Sony 4K online movies.
  • The security system features CCTV with face tracking to highlight the latest in security integration.


The purpose of the facility is to present a complete solution for AV systems, home automation, control of the climate, and "the concept of living."

"'The concept of living" gives customers two contact persons for their new-build home or refit. One person advises the customer on technical features and predefines the system for other subcontractors. The other person is responsible for the aesthetic items like floors, ceilings, wellness, and furniture.

Target Audience

The target audience are customers entering the facility for advice for their refit or new home. The central meeting room is surrounded with a large, relaxing space which could present different kinds of rooms for customers.

Demonstration Rooms

The whole building is fitted as a demonstration room, presenting home automation from the entry level to the top. The budget of € 200k was necessary because of the features and quality needed. The purpose was also to give other well-known interior designers a single solution space.

This single solution for their customers would benefit both customer and interior designer in time and efforts. For that reason, De Opera Domotica calculated that the facility would have an ROI of three years. In those three years, an additional € 200k of revenue would be generated each year from other interior designers coming with their customers to this facility.



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