How Entering the CEDIA Awards Benefits Your Business

Jan 18, 2016

The CEDIA Awards program is in place to give our members the opportunity to be recognized in the industry for their best work and to show consumers the ways CEDIA members use technology to provide best-in-life experiences at home.

This year, we wanted to help CEDIA members gain insight into why other companies have entered the CEDIA Awards in the past, why they continue to enter each year, and the benefits they have seen from winning a CEDIA Award.

Today, Ian Williams, President of Encore Custom Audio Video, shares why his company enters the CEDIA Awards year after year.

CEDIA: Why do you enter the CEDIA Awards?

IAN WILLIAMS: Encore Custom Audio Video enters annually into the CEDIA Awards for several reasons. Most importantly is to hold ourselves accountable and to show our clients that we provide the very best in design, engineering, and installation. We also enter the awards as a motivator to try and do better and better each and every year, staying authentic and true to providing the very best solutions in the marketplace.

CEDIA: How do you use your CEDIA Awards to enhance your business?

IW: We use the awards as a way to show future, current, and past clients that our standards are of the very highest level. Our peers and colleagues judge CEDIA projects, and this gives us an advantage when we are able to showcase over 10 CEDIA Awards in our showroom. It says to most that we are here to take your project seriously, and that we are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that this project gets finished correctly and held to very high standards.   

CEDIA: Describe how winning a CEDIA Award impacts office morale.

IW: It has a huge impact for a team and its members. These projects take months or even longer, from conception, to design, to installation, and it can be overwhelming and strenuous at times. To see the project lifecycle from beginning to end and see another satisfied client is always something special. Then to be acknowledged by your peers takes on another meaning. It makes it all worth it!

CEDIA: If you could give first time entrants advice, what would it be?

IW: Don’t sell yourself short, do not underestimate your abilities, and do not be overwhelmed by larger firms who, in general, facilitate very large projects. Be authentic, and show CEDIA and your colleagues what you are about!

Secondly, make sure that you are organized and have plenty of documentation to showcase your abilities and show that you are a true professional.



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