Are You Doing Enough to Market Your Business?

Jun 15, 2015

DecisionsAny business knows the value of marketing: it's how you reach customers, provide updates, and promote yourself.

As a home technology company, the rules are no different. You need to take advantage of marketing to ensure your customers, or potential customers, aren't just aware of you, but want to get involved in what you are offering.

There are many tricks and tools that a home technology business can use to promote themselves, but how many of them are you making use of? While some might be more appropriate for your business than others, it is important to be aware of the various avenues for marketing so you can put what you want into effect.

For some guidance on the various marketing aspects you should be taking advantage of, consider the following:

Have a Focus

Whether you are promoting yourself through social media, a website, newspaper ads or sending out flyers, you need to have a focus in your brand's message. This means your content must be worded the same and make use of the same tone. Additionally, it must be directed to an audience. While some home technology businesses may have a wider audience base than others, it is necessary to know your market and address it specifically. For example, if your main customer base is middle-aged parents, then the tone and language you use in your marketing should be designed to resonate with that audience.

Additionally, customers can tell when a company shifts its focus. Customers want to see consistency in the companies they use. For this reason, it is critical to nail down your messaging and your audience, and stick to it.

Be Receptive and Proactive

If your company is not using social media for interacting with customers, it is time you started. Social media is no longer for those just looking to post photos and talk about the latest comic book movies. Social media has become a tool that is revolutionizing the way businesses and customers communicate. In fact, according to the Marketing Tech Blog, 92 percent of marketers find social media to be an important tool in their business.

But using social media doesn't just mean posting your marketing information and then doing nothing until you post again. Social media allows your marketing to work both ways, which means customers, or potential customers, can write to you and tell you how they like your services, or promote your page to their friends who are looking for a custom home technology installation. It is a community of people looking for the latest and greatest – the exact people you want discussing your business.

Don't Waste Money

When it comes to social media, as noted by Entrepreneur, it is free, so there is little excuse not to go all out. However, there are certain aspects of marketing that will require you to spend money. Even if you are loading a commercial to YouTube, which is free to use, you still have to shoot the commercial. Spending money on marketing is to be expected, but make sure your dollars create a return value in terms of customers.

Sometimes if a marketing strategy is not working well enough, the company will keep trying the same thing over and over. This is not a sound strategy. While you certainly want to remain consistent in your marketing efforts and not give up right away when something doesn't work perfectly, you should adjust or discontinue a particular effort if it doesn't get better. It is easy to keep spending money and telling yourself that sooner or later it'll work, when the wiser alternative is starting over.

There are many tools and tips when it comes to marketing, but the most important thing to remember is to speak directly to your audience and listen when they speak back. Hearing what they have to say can provide a lot if necessary feedback regarding your marketing efforts, and in turn, your overall business strategy.

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