Don’t Shoot Your Eye Out

Dec 08, 2014

There is one trait among home technology professionals that will stand the test of time – no matter how much the technology evolves and changes.


You see it on industry forums, at CEDIA EXPO and other industry events, in the conversations you have – the passion for the technology, for the trends, for the “craft” is intense and it is strong.

Your passion is the force that make the “magic” happen, the bullet that delivers the utmost home entertainment experience for your clients. This passion is your strength and it can be your weakness all in the same.

How? Well, passion can blur an equally important part of the equation for a strong business…vision. 

Your vision is your business plan. It’s your eye on strategy. It’s how you operate your business; it’s how you create a high-performance team, and how you deliver 5-star customer service.

As a business owner, no matter your size, you constantly stare down challenges and face the questions that are locked, loaded, and ready to compromise your vision. How can I keep my best employees? How can I streamline operations? How can I build the best brand I can? 

The list can seem endless, especially if you are doing it alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

3 Tactics to Keep From Shooting Your Eye Out

1) Peer-to-Peer Brainstorming
Our world is a connected one, but taking your conversations “offline” can be refreshing. Collaborative conversations with fellow business owners lead to inspiring new concepts and thoughts. All it takes is one conversation to help solve a particular business challenge you have been losing sleep over. 

By developing relationships with industry business partners, you can have that soundboard to bounce ideas off of and find solutions to problems they may have already conquered.

2) Start Thinking Outside of the Box
What is your first action step to grow your business and profits? Was your first thought gaining the trust of your client? Was it building a healthy internal business? Thinking outside of the box of just “getting more clients” can ensure your vision is clear and undeterred by the unforeseen obstacles.

3) Attend the All-New CEDIA Business Xchange
CEDIA’s brand-new Business Xchange takes tactics one and two and morphs them into an event unlike any seen in the industry. 

Spend three days on your business and work with industry peers to find the when, why, and how behind implementing new strategies and processes into your business.

If you are looking for deep-dive workshops, collaboration, and tools to take back to your business and implement immediately, then attending the CEDIA Business Xchange should be a no-brainer.

Business owners and upper management in the CEDIA channel – mark your calendars for April 30 – May 1 and plan your trip to Houston, TX.

Learn more about the CEDIA Business Xchange



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