But I’m Not an Electrician

Nov 17, 2014

But I'm not an electrician.

This is probably a common thought for a lot of installers in our industry when you see something about electrical codes.

You specialize in low-voltage and you’ve got things under control. You’re aware of what requires an electrician and most of your work does not. With this mindset there really is no reason you normally would give changes in National Electrical Code (NEC) a second thought.

Until now…

The NEC saw significant updates in 2014. Updates that will have a direct impact on you as an integrator. If you enjoy reading electrical codes, then by all means troll through the 900+ page document.

Looking for a better option? You don’t have to “go it alone”.

CEDIA fellow and former chairman of the board Ken Erdmann has gone through the changes (GO KEN!) and led a webinar explaining the mandated changes for the electrician that will have a direct impact on the integrator.

Changes include hazard marking, surge protection, lighting, energy management systems and more.

Still think you can skate by without paying attention to these changes?

Violations can dig into your bottom line in more ways than one. Even minor violations can cost thousands in rework expenses, delays and additional components and can affect your relationship with the other trades (builders, architects, etc.).

Also, codes often carry criminal and/or civil penalties for infractions. Violating codes can be a very expensive gamble. Some fines can be as high as $70,000. Is that really a risk you want to take?

You may not be an electrician, but you also don’t want to risk losing money and time on a job. Join us for the free webinar. Register today!



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