It’s Almost That Time: Legislative Season!

Nick McLain
Nov 06, 2014

statehouseBy the time you’re reading this, Election Day has already come and passed. Darren Reaman, CEDIA Director of Government Affairs, and I have begun our process of sorting through the results and what it means for our battles in various states.

Whether your preferred candidates win or not, please don’t let your democratic participation end there! Beginning in January, these newly comprised legislatures will begin to meet and draft bills, many of which will have relevance to the residential electronics systems industry.

Last year, Darren and I monitored approximately 300 different bills in 42 different states. And with 2014 being the second year of a two-year legislative cycle in most state legislatures, that’s considered a slow year. In 2013, Darren tracked nearly 400 industry-relevant bills in 49 states and the District of Columbia. With 2015, like 2013, being the first year of a new session and lots of legislators looking to make their mark, we expect it to be an exceptionally busy one.

As a result, we ask that if you receive a Legislative Alert from us for your state, please read it and follow the call to action. While Darren and I work very hard on your behalf, we need your backing to give us leverage when dealing with your state legislators.

CEDIA Grassroots Legislative Network Continues to Grow

Beyond responding to Legislative Alerts, I highly encourage you to join our grassroots network. Your level of involvement can vary. State insiders receive our departmental newsletter and stand ready to contact their state legislator in the event of harmful legislation. State liaisons receive the newsletter but also are willing to go beyond just contacting legislators, making themselves available in the event we need them to join us in testifying at a legislative hearing on problematic bills.

Finally, there are state captains, of which we intend to have only one per state. These individuals will work hand-in-hand with us to reach out to CEDIA members in that state, as well as in meetings and hearings with legislators and other stakeholders.

So far, we’ve installed state captains in 20 different states. I want to mention them here and thank them for their offers of service. If your state isn’t mentioned and you’re interested in becoming a captain, please reach out to me!

Arizona: Paul Epstein
California: Leon SooHoo & John White
Colorado: David King
Florida: Eric Bodley
Illinois: Eric Lee
Indiana: Jim Kluka
Maryland: Chad Shapiro
Massachusetts: Mitchell Klein
Michigan: Peter Cook
Missouri: David Young
Nevada: Patrick Hartman
New Jersey: Ryan Herd
New York: Alan Poltrack
North Carolina: Mark Lynch
Ohio: Aaron Carmack
Pennsylvania: Greg Calvimontes
Texas: Bill Skaer
Utah: Ken Erdmann
Virginia: Nicklous Salzman
Wisconsin: Adam Borseth

CEDIA Licensing Guide Is Ready!

CEDIA Licensing & Regulatory Guide 2014The 2014 CEDIA Home Technology Professionals Licensing & Regulatory Reference Directory is now available online. This guide serves as a general reference of laws and regulations governing the installation of electronic systems for home technology professionals. We try to add something new to it each year, and it’s no exception this time around: we added state board contact information so you can reach out easily to your appropriate regulatory agency in case you have any questions.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Darren or me at any time. Looking forward to representing your interests in 2015 and beyond.

Nick McLain is CEDIA's Government Affairs Manager. He can be reached at nmclain@cedia.org.



CEDIA blog posts are intended to provide general information and should not be regarded as legal opinions or advice.

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